Guided Learning

Learn at your own pace but dont learn alone!
Access faculty and coaches at Clinic Sessions, Showcase your skills at Skill Hackathons & Network with Hiring Managers

  • Clinic Sessions

    Interact with practitioner faculty and mentors to ask questions, get feedback on your projects or any questions you have to ensure you master the subject

  • Skill Hackathons

    Work on Live Industry projects to demonstrate your skills and win prizes

  • Career Resources

    Access Career eLearning courses, Webinars, articles & select Career Workshops & Networking Opportunities to land into your dream job

By Practitioners for Practitioners

Strong focus on Skill building with Cutting Edge, Best Practices Driven Content

Learn from the people who "DO" not just "know". Every course is built, curated & designed by Industry Practitioners to bring the latest cutting edge frameworks, case studies, tools and techniques in a crisp learning format. This enables you to excel in the real world by building contextual understanding not just theory.
Learn whats Relevant